The Importance of Prompt Termite Removal in Annapolis When Signs of Trouble Are Seen

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Pest Control

Complete Termite Removal in Annapolis is a challenging project, even for professional pest control companies. Homeowners should never try to eradicate termites on their own. They may be able to eliminate part of the population, but a larger group is hidden from view. One day, somebody’s foot might go through a floorboard, showing how substantial the destruction has become.

Where Termites Get Wood

Where are termites found aside from buildings? In forests, they live in decaying wood, helping to break it down, thus functioning as an important part of the ecosystem. This is where they belong. In other areas, termites start to cause problems by spreading to utility poles, wood fencing and marine vessels. They may infest boat docks and piers, chewing up the interior wood and bringing it back for their colony.

On residential property, the insects may start with firewood stacked up near a building or a fence. They may invade a deck or porch before heading inside the building. The wood used in landscaping, such as railroad ties, can be very vulnerable. Wood stairways and railings, such as those leading from a yard to a lake, can be severely damaged by termites.

The Colony

Termite colonies consist of castes that include queens and kings, workers and soldiers. Only the queens and kings reproduce. The underground populations can become enormous. In a forest, this is no problem. On a residential property, it can be a disaster. A company such as Accutech Pest Management, with the website, can help stop the destruction.

Signs of Trouble

Termites are aggressive and secretive in their actions, able to demolish a great deal of the interior of wood structures before anyone realizes they are there. At the first sign of termite activity, property owners should call a pest control company that provides service for effective Termite Removal in Annapolis.

Homeowners may hesitate to call for assistance if they are unsure whether they have a termite problem. It can be difficult to verify since the bugs are so skilled at hiding. Signs like bits of unexplained sawdust in the house, insect wings that have been shed, and a quick scurry of a bug that looks like a flying ant are signs of trouble.

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