The History and Appeal of Overhead Garage Doors in Phoenix, AZ

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Garage Door

Even a well-maintained garage will need a new door eventually, and there are plenty of excellent products on the market to choose from. Companies like Neighborhood Garage Door Service often install top-quality doors produced by manufacturers like Texas-based Overhead Door. With more than 400 distributors nationwide carrying its products, Overhead Door is one of the longest-running companies in the industry.

When choosing Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ, homeowners can count on enjoying many benefits from the investments they make. Compared to virtually every other competitor, Overhead Doors stands out in some significant ways.

A Long History of Producing Top Quality Garage Doors

Doors that open by lifting up and over the head might seem to have been around for a very long time, but they were invented in 1921 by a man named C.G. Johnson. That important innovation was followed only five years later by the introduction of an electric garage door opener, courtesy of the same prolific mind.

The Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ residents so often buy and have installed today are made by the same company that Johnson founded to produce and market his inventions. Throughout its long history, Overhead Door has maintained a firm focus on quality in every possible respect. As a result, Overhead Door is widely considered an industry leader about issues like:


  • Many garage doors produced by other companies feature fairly plain, utilitarian designs. While Overhead Door’s products are never gaudy or overly showy, they all boast designs that make them more attractive than most produced by competing companies. As a result, homeowners who will not settle for garage doors that are visually unappealing frequently incline toward Overhead Door products from the start.


  • Garage doors are often made of low-quality materials that do little to promote ruggedness and durability. Overhead Door uses top-quality materials in every case.

A Garage Door to Appreciate and Depend Upon

As a visit to a site like will show, there are plenty of other reasons to consider garage doors made by Overhead Door. Many homeowners in the Phoenix area have done exactly that and concluded that no other product could make a better choice.

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