Pairing Colors of Granite Countertops in Des Moines IA With Cabinetry and Appliances

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Kitchen Improvements

Homeowners typically have a specific color scheme in mind when they begin to shop for Granite Countertops in Des Moines IA for the kitchen. They want those countertops to blend well with the other colors they have in the kitchen for their appliances, cabinetry, flooring and walls. The improved aesthetics will be impressive to guests and create a daily sense of satisfaction for the household residents.

White With Flecks

Some men and women want white Granite Countertops in Des Moines IA, or as close to pure white as they can get. They may not be able to find granite in white with no other colors included in this natural stone, but they’ll be happy when the stone has flecks of gray, black or blue. White will still be the dominant color by far.

These homeowners may realize that white will have an intriguing bold look when paired with natural dark wood cabinetry and will also keep the environment brighter. This color also is useful in a small kitchen, since lighter colors make rooms look bigger.

Pairing white countertops with stainless steel appliances and a stainless steel sink may not be the best choice, however. This may conjure up the impression of an institutional setting or the streamlined environment of a restaurant kitchen, and that’s probably not the effect people want in their home.

Red, Rose and Green

Stainless steel, while attractive, generally gives the impression of a cold material. Pairing it with warm granite colors like red or rose is a possibility. Although green is technically a cool color, it also works well with the silver hue of stainless steel. When people see green, they may subconsciously think of lush grass, trees and other plant life.

Darker Colors

Another possibility, if the cabinetry is light in color, is to order darker countertops from a supplier such as The Kitchen & Bath Company. This would go well with stainless steel appliances or other materials too. Granite is available in black, dark brown, dark blue and additional possibilities. The options are nearly endless. Any homeowners who want to get started may Know more at the website.

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