Differences Between Deep and Regular Stump Grinding in Fort Myers, FL

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Tree Service

Property owners have two options after they have a tree removed. They can either get the same contractors to perform Regular Stump Grinding in Fort Myers FL or they can have them remove the entire stump using a process known as deep stump grinding. Read on to find out about the differences between these two processes and when each of them is appropriate.

Primary Differences

The primary difference between regular stump grinding and deep stump grinding is the level of results each of these services provides. Regular stump grinding removes the above-ground portion of the stump and levels it to around four inches below grade. Deep stump grinding removes the entire stump, roots and all.

Deep stump grinding takes more time than Regular Stump Grinding in Fort Myers FL. It also prepares the way for a new tree planting, the installation of garden beds, and other landscaping activities more effectively.

When is Regular Stump Grinding Appropriate?

If property owners just want to plant grass or other shallow-rooted plants on top of their old stumps, regular stump grinding is the better option. The process takes less time, costs less money, and is more than adequate for paving the way for smaller plants. Those who want to build pergolas, decks, patios, pathways, or other hardscaping features where the stump used to be can also hire a regular stump grinding service.

When is Deep Stump Grinding Appropriate?

Since deep stump grinding removes far more of the stump, it is better for preparing the way for larger growing or deeper rooted plants. Property owners who choose regular stump grinding will find that this decision limits their choices when it comes to replacing their old trees, as it can take years for the below-grade portion of the stump to decompose. Those who choose deep stump grinding can plant new trees, shrubs, and deep-rooted plants immediately.

The Bottom Line

No matter which of these solutions property owners choose, they should always work with dedicated tree care and stump removal experts. Not sure who to trust with this important landscaping service? Visit Us online to find out more about the company or get in touch today to discuss options.

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