Consider Using Cedar Shake Siding in Aurora CO

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Roofing

When making improvements to a home, it’s important to take care of the exterior, as well as the interior. Since the outside of a home is the first thing that everyone will see when they come by to visit, making a good first impression should be a high priority. While landscaping can enhance the property around a home, Cedar Shake Siding in Aurora CO can change the overall appearance of the home itself. Cedar shake siding blends well with many different architectural styles, so it’s an excellent choice when wishing to install siding on a home.


Siding offers a great way to upgrade the exterior of a building. Siding shields a home from the outside elements and acts as a layer of insulation which can help to maintain a consistent temperature on the inside of a property. Once installed, siding becomes a protective barrier that lasts for years and requires minimal maintenance in most cases.

The Pros of Cedar Siding

Besides blending well with many types of design styles, Cedar Shake Siding in Aurora CO can dramatically transform a worn out looking facade into a place of beauty. Cedar siding resists pests and doesn’t decay as fast as other types of wood can. It’s also a good insulator that can keep the cold in and the heat out, which can help a homeowner to save on the monthly utility bill. Cedar shake siding is easy to work with and has a unique aromatic smell that is warm and pleasant to be around.

Wood Versus Vinyl Siding

While many people feel that vinyl is a better option than wood, it doesn’t have the same charm that a wood exterior does. Vinyl siding is made from plastic and it tends to have an artificial feel, unlike wood siding which is an all-natural substance. Both types of siding last for years with proper maintenance, but wood requires cleaning more regularly to avoid mildew from forming on the surface. If cost is a factor, vinyl siding is less expensive, however, cedar wood siding is naturally beautiful and has a distinctive earthy scent that entices the senses in a relaxing way.

Siding creates a positive first impression. Whether one chooses cedar shake siding, vinyl, or another type of composite material, siding can boost the curb appeal of any property. ACE Roofing & Construction has been helping customers since 2002, and they can handle all of your siding needs. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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