A Few Garage Door Upgrades Homeowners in Winter Haven, FL Should Consider

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Garage Doors

Few homeowners appreciate the importance of their garage door until they start experiencing problems with it. What may be surprising to many homeowners is that some quality garage doors can last a lifetime. When others are properly maintained, they can last 20 or 30 years.

Some homeowners are facing a decision of replacing a garage door that is old and not functioning well or buying a new one. If the homeowner goes the route of finding a company that offers garage door repair service in Winter Haven, FL, there are a couple of upgrades that will be well worth the money and effort.

The springs on the garage door are what allow the garage door to open and close easily. Standard garage door springs are going to last 10,000 cycles. If homeowners open and close their garage door five or six times a day, this means that the springs will last five or six years. It may be better to buy higher quality springs that can last 10 years or more.

Another upgrade that a homeowner may consider when hiring a garage door repair service in Winter Haven, FL, is replacing the insulation in the garage door. When the garage door has higher quality insulation, this will help the homeowners save money on energy costs. It would also be wise to have the repair person look for cracks around the door and seal them.

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